RD60 Profile Decking Sheets

Southern Sheeting Supplies recognises the increased demands by contractors for fast delivery times on building materials. With this in mind we now stock large quantities of cut to length sizes of RD60 profile sheets in a 0.9mm thickness to cover ost roof decking applications off-the-shelf

RD60 is the only roof decking profile available in the UK that achieves a full 1 meter of cover width. This not only allows for quick and easier area calculations but more importantly reduces labour time and assocaited costs compared to other narrower profiles available.

RD60 Stock Lengths

Please note that sheets are cut to the metric lengths listed and imperial conversion is approimate to the nearesr inch.
  • 3.2m (10ft 6in)
  • 3.7m (12ft 2in)
  • 4.2m (13ft 9in)
  • 4.7m (15ft 5in)
  • 5.2m (17ft 1in)
  • 5.7m (18ft 8in)
  • 6.2m (20ft 4in)